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3D Asteroids

Through space, myriad stars and asteroid fields to unknown worlds… It will petrify your imagination
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12 February 2004

Editor's review

Most of us usually have childhood fantasies about the cosmic world, and always wish to ride into the mysterious cosmos. Even a slightest feel of floating asteroids and other astronomical bodies raises our nerves. Well, you can experience the thrill of the cosmic world right on your PC screen by trying out the all new 3D Asteroids 1.2. It lets you install a screensaver on your computer, which allows you to enter into the cosmic space and face the asteroids coming towards you with high velocity. With amazing view of stars, space, and asteroid fields, that are laced with impressive graphics and visual effects, gives a realistic feel of the space. Whenever the screensaver appears you would love to sit back and enjoy the vivid view.

The 3D Asteroids 1.2 will give you the opportunity of taking breaks from your hectic work routine and go on exclusive space rides. The screensaver when installed automatically sets itself with your computers desktop properties. With fantastic graphics and wonderful visual effects, the screensaver when launches takes you instantly to the space. With the screensaver, you would find yourself viewing the asteroid fields. Be it you whose driving through the asteroids or be it the asteroids that are rapidly coming towards you, but the view surely is captivating and thrilling. The beautiful colors of the screensaver are so attractive that you won’t be able to take your eyes off. With asteroids appearing from the center may feel as if they are trying to hit you. With no hectic configurations to set, so you’re not required to make any complicated selections.

The 3D Asteroids 1.2 makes your desktop screen look quite attractive when idle, and catches the eyes of everyone who sees it. The screensaver utility’s been found worthy of 3.5 rating points for its high quality graphics and visuals effects.

Publisher's description

Our company makes a wonderful present you and your computer - new, free, cosmic, 3D screensaver. This is just the screensaver you have been looking for ages. Your dreams come true! All you need is download and plunge in the cosmic world. Through space, myriad stars and asteroid fields to unknown worlds… It will petrify your imagination. Incredible 3D graphic and marvelous visual effects are the distinctive features if this 3D free screensaver. You will be unable to tear yourself away from this vivid sight. Download and enjoy - it is absolutely free.
3D Asteroids
3D Asteroids
Version 1.2
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